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Advanced Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology is reflexology that primarily focusses on women who are in the process of trying to conceive, are pregnant or recently given birth. Maternity reflexology may combine different modalities of reflexology to meet the specific need of a woman who is preparing or is a mother. For instance, the reflexologist can incorporate facial reflexology, vertical reflexology, reflexology lymph drainage, linking techniques, lymph drainage and more to meet your goal.

You can safely receive treatment in pregnancy by any sufficiently qualified reflexologists (see Association of Reflexologists register) but if you are anxious, undergoing IVF, have complications in pregnancy it is worth to research suitably qualified therapists.

I have been interested in Maternity reflexology since 2010 when I started my reflexology studies and myself received reflexology in pregnancy. Over the past 10 years, I have regularly updated my knowledge and I am now qualified in level 5, advanced maternity reflexology (level 8 in Scotland). I work with women before, during and after the pregnancy, not excluding 1st trimester.

How can you benefit from Maternity Reflexology:

  • PRE-PREGNANCY: natural preparation for pregnancy, menstrual cycle irregularities, subfertility issues, secondary infertility, balancing after miscarriage or recurrent miscarriages as well as support during IVF.
  • 1st TRIMESTER: helping with emotions, nausea, worries and anxiety. Both foot or facial reflexology are really supportive at this stage.
  • 2nd & 3rd TRIMESTER: support with aches and pains, looking after your psychological wellbeing, reducing stress, improving sleep, helping with swelling, diabetes, and more.
  • From 37wks+: labour preparation & relaxation. Helping to relax and get your body and mind into the best place to birth your baby. I compiled an information sheet with “labour friendly” points on the face, hands and feet for you and your partner to work on at home.
  • POSTNATALLY: women can enjoy foot or facial reflexology to help with mood, sleep, hormone balancing. Babies are welcome to attend with their mothers and baby reflexology points are shown as a part of your treatment.


Please note reflexology is a support tool and reflexologists can not claim to cure and use reflexology to diagnose.

Reflexology does not induce labour but can help you to achieve an optimal state when labour is more likely to happen once the baby is ready.

Reflexology works with your body and can cause no harm.

"I had a course of reflexology to support my body during pregnancy. Michaela was absolutely brilliant, professional and also a specialist in what she does. Her sessions left me relaxed and calm and I will be booking in more sessions now that my baby has arrived. I highly recommend her."

-Hollie H., Windsor

Reflexology for Fertility

Fertility reflexology focuses on women as well as men who are trying to conceive. I studied Fertility Reflexology at London based school led by Louise Keet and I also attended a post graduate course with excellent Sally Earlam in January 2015. In addition I took an specialised course in Fertility reflexology in 2017 that allows me to support couples who are trying to conceive for the first time, struggling to fall pregnant second time or are undergoing IVF treatment.

Stress is a complex condition that can affect almost all parts of the body. There is also some evidence to suggest that it may affect fertility as stress is detrimental to the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Reflexology may help couples to achieve reduction in stress. Reflexology might also help women whose inability to conceive is linked to endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Before the first appointment detailed consultation is completed taking into consideration you emotional and physical wellbeing, any medical diagnosis, life events and stress levels. It is important to know when you had last period and how long your cycle is. Due to current situation initial consultation for Fertility reflexology clients is completed online.

Supporting you on your fertility journey requires a commitment from you. First 4 appointments should take place weekly or no longer than 2 weeks apart. Following the first 4 appointments the further treatments can be spaced out to suit your schedule.

"After 3 years of battling fertility I was told by a friend to try reflexology to keep calm and destress as it helped, after finding Michaela she advised that she did fertility reflexology so I decided to give it a try, I did one session of fertility reflexology concentrating on calming the ovaries down due to the medication I was on, Michaela was fabulous so professional and talked me through everything! I'm now five months pregnant and having more sessions of reflexology. I would highly recommend Michaela to anyone!!"

-Amanda S., Bracknell

Pregnancy Massage

In May 2019 I completed an advanced pregnancy massage with Jing Institute to build on my previous training in pregnancy massage and clinical pregnancy reflexology. I am delighted to offer this therapy to women who are pregnancy and new mums.

Pregnancy is a special time for any woman but it is not always ideal and amazing. Pregnancy does come in with physical and emotional changes. It can be easy going but also highly strenuous time. A woman is grow another human being and her body and mind need to adjust to the life-changing event.

I believe that each pregnant woman deserves support, nurture and acceptance. There is not an ideal pregnancy. We are all different and so are our pregnancies. Each woman needs different support.

Pregnancy massage offers many benefits to women who are pregnant. I believe that massage or reflexology can only support and do not cause any harm (with positive intention, respect and knowledge for various health condition you can encounter in pregnancy and post natally). Clinically trained therapist is able to recognise “red flags” and will advise you when not to treat. I am trained and have experience to treat during first trimester. When you make enquiring about pregnancy treatment you will be asked additional questions which will enable me to establish if it is safe for you to receive the treatment. Rest assured they are very few instances when it is not advisable to treat. You will likely be well aware of the need for extra check or checks by your midwife or consultant. An example of such exclusions are bleeding, placenta previa grade 3 and 4, pre-eclampsia, infection, severe abdominal pain...

Pregnancy massage is completed side lying. It is a supported and very comfortable position. It will also help you to understand the optimal way to sleep at night.

The treatment consists of massage, stretches, trigger point technique and myofacial techniques. You will have benefit of massage of back, neck, shoulders, scalp, arms, legs and feet. As an abdominal massage therapist I can add belly massage to your treatment. It is very supportive massage that aids digestion, releases tension in ligaments supporting uterus and feels simply nice. You can opt to include abdominal massage.

Benefits of pregnancy and post natal massage may include reduction of:

  • pain in lower back
  • pelvis, shoulders
  • stress and tension
  • anxiety & depression
  • swelling in feet, carpal tunnel

It may boost:

  • immune system
  • positive outlook and self image
  • endorphins
  • digestion
  • lymphatic drainage
  • circulation

I offer support via labour preparation with acupressure and reflexology points from 37 weeks onwards. Please note that I do not claim to be able to induce labour. In labour preparation work, the aim is to calm and de-stress body, to help to make you as relaxed as possible to create optimal conditions so your baby can trigger the labour once its ready via hormonal changes. Please note there is no scientific evidence that massage or reflexology induces labour and every woman will respond to different stimuli.

"Always come away feeling happy and relaxed. Michaela is so friendly and makes you feel at ease. And the massage helped my back so much. All the tense and painful areas feel released and relaxed. I tried reflexology for the first time when michaela did a little on my feet. It was amazing. I have lost a lot of sleep lately due to pregnancy aches and I really feel like I am so ready for a nice rest and think I'm in with a good chance of sleep tonight! Thankyou. 5* service!"

-April T., Virginia Water

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